FCC Broadband Map

The FCC Broadband Map displays where Internet services are available across the United States, as reported by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to the FCC. The map will be updated continuously to improve its accuracy through a combination of FCC verification efforts, new data from Internet providers, updates to the location data, and—importantly—information from the public.

CPUC Federal Funding Account Map

The CPUC Federal Funding Account Map allows you to view and explore locations in California that are unserved by broadband Internet service within the Census Blocks and are eligible for funding under the Federal Funding Account program. You can also provide feedback related to broadband availability in each Census Block or unserved location.

California Interactive Broadband Map

The California Interactive Broadband Map shows eligibility by location for the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) Infrastructure Account grant program.

Planned Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative Map

The CPUC Anchor Build Fiber Highways map depicts the statewide middle-mile network that was proposed to span the entire state. The initial map was presented at the May 20 Middle-Mile Advisory Committee meeting and delivered to Caltrans to conduct preconstruction work.  The current iteration of the planned 10,000-mile network is shown in the Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative Project Map that was updated on September 15, 2023.

You can enable different layers to show which parts of the project will be constructed, leased or purchased.  Details on the timelines for completion of specific sections are not yet specified.

FCC Research Maps

The FCC makes several different GIS research maps available to show a present visualizations of a variety of services.

Map of broadband-related assets in Mono and Inyo Counties

The interactive map below depicts broadband-related assets and locations in our region that may be of interest to providers for broadband deployment projects.  The layers used in the map below are publicly available in ArcGIS Online and include the Digital 395 open-access, middle-mile network and nodes, anchor institutions, lateral extensions to anchor institutions, planned State-owned Middle-Mile Broadband Network routes and more.  You can show or hide layers and layer information by clicking on the Layer icon in the black bar on the left side of the map (computer view) or the list icon on the right side of the map (mobile device view).

We will update this map periodically to include other infrastructure assets that might be useful for broadband deployment projects.  If the map doesn’t display properly, please send a message using the Comments form at the bottom of this web page and we’ll correct the issue.

ArcGIS Map of the Inyo-Mono region depicting existing and potential  broadband-related infrastructure assets