A more complete and descriptive listing of broadband-related maps with links is forthcoming.

FCC Broadband Map

The FCC Broadband Map displays where Internet services are available across the United States, as reported by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to the FCC. The map will be updated continuously to improve its accuracy through a combination of FCC verification efforts, new data from Internet providers, updates to the location data, and—importantly—information from the public.

CPUC Federal Funding Account Map

The CPUC Federal Funding Account Map allows you to view and explore locations in California that are unserved by broadband Internet service within the Census Blocks and are eligible for funding under the Federal Funding Account program. You can also provide feedback related to broadband availability in each Census Block or unserved location.

California Interactive Broadband Map

The California Interactive Broadband Map shows eligibility by location for the California Advanced Services Fund (CASF) Infrastructure Account grant program.

Planned Middle-Mile Broadband Initiative Map

The CPUC Anchor Build Fiber Highways map and Statewide Construction Evaluation map depict the proposed statewide middle-mile network that will span the entire state. The initial map was presented at the May 20 Middle-Mile Advisory Committee meeting and delivered to Caltrans to conduct preconstruction work. It includes most of the 8,700 mile design proposed by GoldenStateNet during the April MMAC meeting, and all of the CPUC recommended routes as required by SB 156. In the months to come, CDT will evaluate the affordability for build and lease scenarios through revised construction cost estimates from Caltrans, updated market assessments for dark and lit service, and updated locations of potential infrastructure that can be leased through IRUs. As data is refined, CDT will identify where the state will be able to build and where it will need to use IRU leases. CDT will continually update the MMBI website as design decisions evolve.