As residents of the Eastern Sierra, we all know how amazing this region is – from the high desert to the high Sierra, we are blessed with one of the finest environments one could imagine. While our landscape may be rural, our connection to the outside world is virtually unparalleled.

The Connected Eastern Sierra Partnership celebrates the appropriate delivery of customer focused technology experiences. In some cases this may be providing high-speed/high-quality public WiFi, and in others be meeting delivering a truly exceptional customer experience with the assistance of technology.

Program Goals

Build Awareness: We want to promote what makes broadband in the Eastern Sierra special because we believe it is vital to the quality of life the and the economic health of the region. Part of how we can do this is to tell your patrons about how our Partners have adopted high speed internet to differentiate themselves.

Tell Our Story: As a business or service provider, you are uniquely positioned to not just demonstrate value through the appropriate use of broadband, but also teach your customers about the important role that it plays in your business strategy. Our hope is that you are willing to help be an advocate for broadband and assist us in evangelizing its value to your customers – whether they are locals or visitors.

Teach Best Practices: As more people come to understand the potential which broadband brings to them, the more utilization and innovation will occur. This benefits our region as a whole, and ultimately comes back to each of us individually.

Our Partners

Become a Partner

As a business you have learned how to leverage technology to improve your reach and engagement while simultaneously delivering exceptional service to your customers. Our hope is to make you an ambassador so you can help us in showing others best practices with regard to broadband adoption.

As a Connected Eastern Sierra Partner, we will advertise your business on this website and include you in the Broadband Access Tool. In addition, we will provide you with basic information on security awareness and technology best practices, and provide support to you in troubleshooting speed and access issues with your internet service provider.

As a benefit, you will be able to proudly display a Connected Eastern Sierra – PARTNER sticker in your window and receive other advertising collateral that will your business provides fast and reliable Internet.

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The Inyo-Mono Broadband Consortium is a project of the Eastern Sierra Council of Governments